Hello, This survey is to find out what you think of the products Geocache Land sell and what you would like us to sell
When did you last make a purchase from Geocache Land? *

Which products have you purchased from Geocache Land? *

If you have never purchased from Geocache Land, please write "Never purchased" or similar under Other.

Geocache Land would like to extend their product range. Which of the following items would you like them to add to the shop? *

Would you visit Geocache Land if we opened a "walk in" shop?

If it would not be practical to visit Geocache Land, e.g. you live in the USA, please skip this question.
How would you rate Geocache Land's current range of products? *

Geocache Land currently offer over 300 different products with many items having multiple variations.
0 = very poor 10 = fantastic/ perfect/ cannot improve in any way at all
What do you think of Geocache Land's customer service? *

1 star = Very Poor, 10 stars = perfect

How would you rate Geocache Land's value for money? *

1 star = Poor, 5 stars = Excellent

Have you ever visited the Geocoins R Us website? *

Geocoins R Us is the production arm of Geocache Land.
Which of the following products do you think Geocoins R Us can make? *

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